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Dental Implants in El Dorado Hills

Getting dental implants in El Dorado Hills is a fantastic way to replace missing teeth, helping you restore your mouth’s function while also beautifying it.

These implants are artificial tooth roots that restore teeth function and help you stop and prevent jawbone loss. They will help you recover the ability to chew comfortably and feel good about your appearance.

Of course, when getting dental implants in El Dorado Hills, it’s important to find a trusted, qualified dentist in the area. This can be a scary procedure for many patients; talking to the dentist and understanding their experience can put you at ease.
On this page, we’ll discuss some of the benefits these replacement teeth have to offer. We’ll also discuss two things to keep in mind before getting them.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

It Is a Safe Surgery

It’s safe to get dental implants in El Dorado Hills. The procedure has an extremely high success rate, which means you can rest easy while the dentist helps you get a beautiful smile.

Of course, one of the major determining factors is your jawbone density and gum health. If these are currently insufficient, your dentist will discuss whether you’re a better candidate for a different form of tooth restoration.

Enjoying Restoring the Bite Power

After getting implants, you will be available to eat and enjoy your favorite food. Dental implants restore your bite power, so you will be confident when going out and eating with friends and family.

You Won´t Get Cavities

Dental implants in Forest Ridge Dental Group function like natural teeth. This means it will be impossible to get cavities, which are the main nightmare for many people. However, you still must regularly visit your dentist and have a good hygiene routine at home. This ensures the health of any remaining natural teeth, while also preventing gum disease. It’s always important to brush and floss.

What You Should Know Before Getting Implants

It Takes Some Time to Be Ready

Dental implants cannot be placed in one visit. This is a dental treatment that may take some months. Once you are a good candidate for an implant, your dentist will take x-rays of your teeth and jaw. Then the following steps will include attaching the titanium implant to your jawbone, which needs to heal before placing a crown.

Give Proper Care to the Implants

If you are a coffee drinker, you might need to consult your dentist after getting dental implants to ensure your new smile isn’t stained. While coffee is an essential part of life for many people, it stains both natural and artificial teeth! If you are a coffee lover and habitual drinker, please ask your dentist for some preventive suggestions.

Maintaining proper care of your implants will ensure that they last longer. In terms of aesthetics, it will also keep your implant looking wonderful. You may schedule regular teeth cleaning appointments and dental checkups to help your overall dental care maintain good health.

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