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The Top 4 Benefits of Digital X-rays

The Top 4 Benefits of Digital X-rays For Your Dental Health

Forest Ridge Dental patient room
Forest Ridge Dental Group patient room

At Forest Ridge Dental Group, we’re excited to offer our patients digital X-rays.

X-rays play an important role in assessing and taking care of your dental health. X-rays reveal cavities that may be undetectable to the naked eye.

They allow us to check your tooth roots and the bony area around your teeth. X-rays can detect gum disease. They tell us if a child’s teeth are developing the way they should.

1. Digital X-rays significantly minimize exposure to radiation.

Years ago, we made the switch at our Cameron Park office to using digital X-rays as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best dental care we can.

Our dental office has been using digital X-rays for years to minimize the amount of radiation used by as much as 80 percent. We also use leaded aprons and a sleeve to fit around the thyroid gland for additional protection.

2. Digital X-rays make office visits shorter, more convenient.

We know our patients lead busy, active lives. Digital X-rays help us speed up office appointments by making things more efficient. Before digital X-rays were available, patients would have to wait for several minutes while a chemical process developed their X-rays.

Today, we can instantly see the digital images of your teeth.

3. Digital X-rays are more comfortable than traditional bitewings.

We work hard to make our patients feel comfortable when they come to our office. That’s one of the reasons we use digital X-rays.

Our digital bitewings have rounded edges, so they fit easily next to your teeth and gums.

4. Digital X-rays are better for the environment.

With digital X-rays, we don’t have to use harsh chemicals, such as fixing agents, to develop film. As a result, digital X-rays are considered much more eco-friendly than traditional radiography.

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