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Top Dental Implant Myths

Did you know that there’s a lot of misconceptions about dental implants? If you want to learn more about how dental implants work in Placerville, CA, we’ve got you covered.

Many people believe that dental implants were made for older people who are missing teeth. But what they don’t know is that dental implants are actually a restorative treatment that fits all ages.

If you’re someone who has recently lost a tooth or more and is looking to get a more durable and permanent fix, getting dental implants would be the best choice. Plus, they can make it look like your natural teeth.

a woman getting Dental implants in Placerville CA

Dental Implant Misconceptions

Dental implants are the most effective way to fix missing teeth issues but are not often used because of their misconceptions.

Here are some of the dental implant myths that you shouldn’t believe.

Dental Implant Crowns Break Easily

Although artificially made, dental implants have the same strength and structure as real teeth. They also function the same way our natural teeth do – whether it’s chewing, biting, or talking, dental implants are the perfect teeth replacement.

They also offer more stability because the process involves having the implants fuse to the bone.

It’s A Very Painful Process

The procedure for installing dental implants is invasive since you basically have to replace the tooth’s root with a titanium implant. But since you will be under anesthesia, you won’t feel pain during the procedure at all.

But if you have any allergies to any sedatives, it’s best to inform your dentist beforehand to avoid any mishaps.

After the surgery, your dentist will usually prescribe over-the-counter pain medications and antibiotics to alleviate the pain and swelling when the anesthesia wears off.

If, after two weeks, you still feel pain and swelling, there’s a possibility that the site might have been infected. It’s best to visit your dentist right away to get it treated.

Implant Surgery Has Low Success Rates

The success rate of an implant surgery depends on the location where the implant is to be installed. But generally, the success of implant surgeries goes as high as 98%.

With proper maintenance, your implants can last long without having to replace the crowns. Although they are as strong as natural teeth, they can still break if you develop bad habits.

Complications may occur, but in rare cases where the patient has underlying illnesses or infections. Overall, most implant surgeries come out as successes.

Implants Are a Temporary Fix

Although they can be removed by a professional if needed, dental implants are permanent. Unlike dentures that you will need to remove every now and then, dental implants stay put inside your mouth.

They don’t need to be adjusted or changed every few months since they act like natural teeth and don’t shift or move. But if the crown gets cracks or breaks, you may need to replace it.

Implants Cause the Bones to Degrade

Dental implants can stimulate the bone through osseointegration and prevent it from degrading. It is known to be able to restore balance in bone resorption.

It is the treatment of choice in cases of bone loss due to missing teeth.
a closer look at Dental implants in Placerville CA

It Causes Speech Impairment

On the contrary, dental implants are also a means of treatment to improve speech. Losing most of your teeth can affect the structure of your face. This can also directly impact the way you talk.

Your pronunciation of words may become off if you choose to let the situation be. Dental implants are a popular treatment that is frequently used to fix such issues.

Recovery Takes a Long Time

The pain and swelling usually subside after two weeks. Although you are advised not to overexert yourself, you don’t necessarily have to take a lot of time off from work.

As long as you avoid lifting heavy objects that might cause your gums to bleed, then you’re clear to go to work. As for the implant, it usually takes six weeks to six months for the implant to integrate into the bone. The crown is then added afterward.

Dental Implants Are Made for Elderly People

This restorative treatment is not dependent on the age of the patient wanting to acquire it. Whether you are young or old, you can get a dental implant if it is needed.

The only requirement is to have healthy gums and strong and ample-sized jawbones for the procedure to succeed. Otherwise, you might need bone grafting if you lack the bone structure.

Implants Are Too Expensive

Many people shy away from getting dental implants simply because of the high initial cost. Also, depending on the number of implants and where they should be installed, the prices may significantly rise.

But what they failed to consider is that maintenance for this treatment is much lower in the long run. And because of their durability, they’re not known to break easily.

Other alternatives to this treatment may be cheaper, but the maintenance to keep them in optimal shape is what racks up the expenses as time goes on.

Some insurance companies can cover a portion of the cost as well. So, it can help you lessen what you need to pay for. But remember to ask your insurance company first.

Dental Implants Require a Lot of Maintenance

Care and maintenance for dental implants are the same as taking care of your natural teeth. You will still need to brush and floss them to keep them clean.

But unlike dentures or bridges, you don’t need to have them readjusted or fixed whenever they break or don’t fit anymore. Eating healthy foods and avoiding bad habits like using your teeth as tools or smoking will also prolong the shelf-life of your implants.

a dentist talks about Dental implants in Placerville CA

Looking to Get Dental Implants in Placerville, CA?

Now that we’ve debunked the most common misconceptions relating to dental implants, you can rest assured that getting them will be worth it.

If you take care of your implants properly, they can last a long time, and you won’t even have to worry about high maintenance costs at all.

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